June 24, 2015

Read Jonah 2:1-3:3

In his desperation, Jonah prayed to God, and God heard him. Even when he had run from God, Jonah never lost faith in God. 

When we are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of everyday life and feel that we cannot handle one more thing, we have only to call on our Lord, and He will hear us, just as he heard Jonah. James 4:8 tells us, “draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” But how can we draw near unless we confess our sins, repent of our sins, and stay in the Word? Jonah realized that in his deepest despair, the Lord had not deserted him. Regardless of the situation, as children of the Most Holy God, we have the assurance that He is with us.

Lord, as we go about this week, help us to recognize, acknowledge, and confess our sins. Help us, Lord, to repent and turn away from our sins and to find the strength in your Word.