June 23, 2015

Read Jonah 2:1-3:3

Jonah's "calamity" was designed by God specifically for him.  His situation involved a "big fish.” For us as God's children, He still designs circumstances of distress for discipline due to sin, or for the purpose of pruning for greater fruitfulness (John 15).  

Years ago, I experienced a God-designed "calamity" in the form of depression that lasted for about a year and a half. I knew that, as His child, my Father had either caused or allowed this in my life.  In the "belly" of that dark pit, God showed me that my heart was in danger of becoming "lukewarm" (Rev. 3).  I had subconsciously adopted the attitude that I would just sort of coast the rest of the way to heaven. God's tool, which He had perfectly designed for me to get   my attention, did just that!  I repented of my attitude of spiritual complacency, and turned back and began, once again, to pursue Him with my whole heart. I have thanked Him continually since that time for loving me too much to allow me  to continue being displeasing to Him, and for forgiving me and restoring me into sweet fellowship with Him.

Have you ever, or are you now, experiencing the disciplining hand of the Father through some uniquely designed "calamity"? Has He gotten your attention yet?  Do you even recognize it as your "big fish" situation?  Have you cried out to Him in repentance?  

Remember Jonah, and go to Ninevah!  Do whatever God is asking of you, but begin by "remembering the Lord " and thanking Him for loving you back to Himself through your "big fish”!