June 25, 2015

Read Jonah 2:1-3:3

So, y’all, the book of Jonah is not really about Jonah or even the fish or those undeserving Ninevites.  It is about God. It is about His goodness, His grace, His perfectly timed mercy. His deep mercy. His boundless mercy. His severe mercy. Like the rest of the Bible, the book of Jonah points us to Christ. This gets me every single time.

I totally love four verses in the middle of the book of Jonah: Jonah 3:1-4. Jonah guzzles grace. Then Jonah obeys.  And he obeys, it would seem, without hesitation. No calculating, no predicting all the possible reactions, no wondering the least amount of obedience he could get away with either. God says go, and he went. He “arose and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord” (Jonah 3:3.) And it was no quick trip, y'all. 

God had mercy on this town full of repentant sinners just as He had mercy on Jonah. Their repentance was not chiefly about their emotions, how sorry they felt, but about casting themselves wholly upon God’s mercy. 

Mercy is God's gift. Even though Nineveh was awful, God had mercy on them. I would’ve agreed with Jonah that they were just too far gone. But God’s grace and mercy reach even the blackest hearts. The story of Nineveh’s repentance is about God’s perfect patience, his deep mercy, and his profound forgiveness.

Thanks be to God.

I encourage you to sit in solitude now. Tune out all distractions. Pray. 

Ask the Lord where He has called you and you have not obeyed. Repent of your disobedience and be forgiven. 

Who do you know who needs to hear the important message of this mercy today?Tell them.