February 8, 2017

Read Romans 11:36

 “To God Alone - the Glory”!

What are we actually saying when we use the word, Glory? There are many uses of the word “Glory.” But some often it is speaking of praise, worship, and Thanksgiving, as we offer up God in gratitude for all He has given us. We are literally lifting up our hearts in praise, in worship and Thanksgiving in sincere gratitude the maker of a Creation.

We could say at it is a poetic statement about God’s nature in His relation His creation. Paul is profoundly moved as he expresses his wonder of the fullness of God’s creation. In I Chronicles 16:24 David speaks the people and says: “declare His GLORY among the Nations, and His marvelous works among His people” It is one thing manifest His GLORY in song, praise and thanksgiving - but the best way is live according His will and obey His commandments.
“How can I give thanks for all the things You have done for me. Things so underserved - yet You gave prove Your love me.

And a voice of a million angels could not express my gratitude. All that I am and ever hope to be – I owe it all You.” (To God be the GLORY)