February 7, 2017

Read Romans 11:36

Usually, when something seems too good to be true, it is. Most likely in 1517 that is what the general population thought; because, wasn’t it the Church’s duty to preach, teach and interpret the Scriptures to the people? To claim that even the lowest of the low had direct access to God for salvation without a physical form of payment was blasphemous.  Martin Luther risked all to defend the principle that man was created by God, that only through repentance and a personal relationship with God could man attain salvation and God be glorified. Luther taught that salvation is a free gift from God available to all who believed in His Son, repented of their sins and loved the Lord with all their heart.

Today, five hundred years later, people are still trying to pay and work their way into Heaven. Why? Possibly, because it is much easier to believe something can’t be true unless one pays or works for it. Believers today, understand that the price for our salvation has been paid. it was paid in full by Jesus Christ dying on Calvary to cover our sins. Eternal life is cannot be earned but achieved only through confession of our sins and believing that Jesus is the way, truth and the light.