Costa day 3 update

Today was a blessing. From the moment we woke up we were grateful for an extra hour of sleep: a perk of a change in schedule due to a new group coming in today. We arrived at the commodore (our dining facility)at 8:30

to a celebratory breakfast graciously prepared y the awesome kitchen staff. We sat in a big "u" which added to the already familial atmosphere. We prepared for a long day of hard work, knowing that 400 campers would be arriving that afternoon. I (Anna) had my first day serving in hospitality. I was amazed at the diligence of the staff in ensuring every bed, every room is as clean as possible. We learned today that there is not a single air conditioner on campus, and every bunk bed is hand made. Every building is fighting the climate here, and it's nearly impossible for the wood to withstand the humidity long term. Nonetheless the staff works tirelessly to make the most of what they have. I think we can all agree our favorite time of the day is coffee time: a fourth meal observed by all the staff at 4 pm where we hang out, drink coffee, and talk about our days. It's a beautiful time of fellowship and rest. Today, we sat out on a patio overlooking the camp and the beautiful surrounding rainforest, and I was amazed at the serenity and outstanding beauty of this place. Yet, I couldn't help but feeling like this was the calm before the storm. There was an almost palpable change in the air as campers started to arrive, and the once silent campgrounds began to hum with the excitement of a weekend at La Montana. As you remember us in your prayers this weekend, please pray for a continued attitude of flexibility and willingness to get outside our comfort zones to wherever the Spirit calls us. Already, we're reminded in every moment that we're merely a conduit of the grace of God. We aren't here to bring Jesus to a deprived people, He's already here and we're just an extra pair of hands and feet. Selflessness and compassion abound here as a part of the culture, and I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we aspire to be like these people in the way they care for one another, work hard to accomplish much, and serve with complete humility. We are grateful for this inspiration, and for the quiet moments of rest and fellowship we have been allowed. Though our comfort is not a priority, please pray that the bugs remain at bay and we maintain the momentum we have built. Pray for the continued growth of relationships we've built with the staff, and for oppertunities to speak Jesus into the lives of the campers.

Emily C & Anna M