Costa Day 2 update

To be frank, today was harder than expected (at least on my end-Anna). Still recovering from a long travel day and acclimating to a climate somehow more humid than what we're used to, we rallied and managed to rake 20 piles of leaves at a 90 degree angle, mix enough cement to build a small wall, and power wash walls and walkways to their original color. Nonetheless, it's endearing to see how quickly everyone here has come together to achieve a common goal. Thus far we've had to take on the camp staff's motto: "I can't predict anything, I can't control anything." Pray that we continue to be malleable to change and are open to the movement of the Spirit here. As much as the strong coffee helps, pray that we continue to have a unexplaniable amount of energy as we do our best to build the kingdom here.

Yesterday, the interns introduced us to a little thing they call God sightings. Earlier today during our group time, we had the opportunity to share what God was already doing in and through us. My group (Emily - shoutout to the verde maquinas) helped convert a storage area filled with rotting desks into a prayer room where students can talk with the staff and communicate with their Father in a safe and comfortable environment. A twenty year old intern named Gabby shared with us that God had given her this vision and that she was committed to fulfilling what He had called her to do. Without doubt or hesitation, she has obeyed his commands, painting a beautiful picture of what it truly means to be a faithful Christian. While it may be difficult to see the end result of our efforts right now, we are confident in the fact that God has a plan for this mission trip and that brick by brick, He is building His kingdom.
Emily C. & Anna M.