September 23, 2016

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11

There encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

Devotional Thought
I’m a young business professional with a meager 13 years of experience in the same profession.  Honestly, I still work for the same company that hired me out of college.  I started one-week post-graduation.  

Having never worked for another company, I don’t know anything else from varying corporate cultures to differing compensation packages.  So when two competitors began calling to lure me away from my company, I scheduled a sit down with my mentor who is a little more than 30 years older than me.  I thought I knew what he would say, but to my surprise he only asked me “Have you spent quality time in prayer over this matter?”   I had not.  

My mentor listened willingly and then gave me timely advice:  schedule quiet time and seek the Lord.   He reiterated that the Lord would lead me in due time.  He never compared the other offers nor put down the competitors.  He gently led me to where he knew I’d receive the best encouragement just as he had as a young professional with the same decision.  

I stayed with the company because I know the Lord placed my mentor there to encourage me as I continue to develop both spiritually and professionally.  

Have you been the benefactor of timely advice?  Maybe your moments in life included encouragement during the loss of a loved one, in the trials of family dynamics or stressful moments in your career.  Do not forget that these moments…. although trying, will allow you to encourage your brothers and sisters during their future trials.

Lord, I thank you for the people in my life that speak to me with words of encouragement in my weary state.   Please remind and show me opportunities to speak to a person in need that I may encourage them as I have been encouraged.