November 11, 2015

Read I Thessalonians 5:18

In the shivers of a rainy, cold winter night, our doorbell rang. I could barely see thesilhouette of a young man standing at our outer, locked gate. I began towalk toward him, and he immediately began to tell me that he had a bad infection on his chest and needed some antibiotics. He had no money.

My immediate words to him were not words of compassion. Through the years I had heard the gamut of reasons why people were asking for money that simply were not true, and the money usually used for other purposes. When I spoke my harsh words, he quickly unzipped his thin, nylon windbreaker, the only garment he had on his upper body - revealing the most horrible infection on his chest that you could imagine. I was devastated and ashamed. I apologized to my friend for my harsh words and gave him more than enough money to buy his needed antibiotics.  

Exactly one year later, the doorbell rang again and there stood the same young man to thank me for helping him in a desperate time of need. That unexpected expression of gratitude served to remind me that the Bibleshows us through Christ’s example, we should always be willing to help othersin time of need. And through my friend, I was reminded of the importance of always expressing thanks.