November 10, 2015

Read Romans 14:10-13

I have a family member who is a practicing homosexual. He also says that he is a Christian and goes to church every single Sunday. I cannot wrap my mind around that. But, recently I found myself sitting beside him in a church service, listening during the congregational singing as he sang about Jesus and forgiveness and everything else that many churches sing about on a Sunday morning. I wanted to turn and scream at him. How he could possibly live the life he leads and then sing like that? I see homosexuality to be a sin. He does not.

But then God convicted me. I heard Him whisper in my ear: “His faith is weak. Do not judge.”

It’s not my place to judge this family member. It’s my place to love him. I remember the day he became a Christian, and he once walked closely with Him. Now his faith is weak, and he is not close enough to God to be convicted of this sin. He does not see the sin. It will be God’s place to judge and convict him one day, not mine. In Paul’s day, they argued about which foods could be eaten. Today we have found other ways to judge our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yet, it is not our place to judge. Let’s do less judging and more loving, shall we?