May 5, 2016

Read Matthew 18:19-20, James 1:5
The TV in my first apartment had a Coke can hanging on the antenna. I do not know exactly what it did, but it helped. I remember in the 60s, my father bought a motorized kit to move our antenna in differing directions on our roof. The neighborhood men came to see just how much better the reception was. While Dad installed the kit on the roof, different ones would yell out to him which way to move the antenna to receive the greatest signal strength.
In recalling how to tune into a television show or even the delicate adjustments it sometimes took to dial in a radio station, it is an easy comparison to think of how our minds work. So much so that those of a certain age may instruct a distracted person to “tune in.” Matthew 18:19-20 speaks of “two of you” agreeing and asking, and “two or three” gathering in Christ’s name. This is about tuning in. One reason we pray in worship is to tune in.
James 1:5 tells us that God gives wisdom to those who ask Him for it. Wisdom comes from God. Man’s struggle with wanting to find it elsewhere goes all the way back to that forbidden tree. God wants us to ask Him. He wants us to pray. When we pray we are not changing God’s mind. We are gaining wisdom and, thereby tuning in to what God has decided and joining with Him in His decision. When we do this with one another, we are upping the signal strength.

One great way to weave worship into our daily lives is to fill it with music that helps focus our hearts on our great God.  Here is a Spotify playlist that has all the songs our worship team has led us through in the last month’s Sunday evening services to get you started. It’s updated weekly, so “follow” it to keep fresh worship music in your life.