July 21, 2015

Matthew 6:13 in the Message reads: Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil. It is a very simplified but succinct translation.

Have you ever noticed that foods that are good for you, like broccoli, never tempt you? Or, what about exercise? Sure it’s good for you, and you know that you feel better afterwards, but are you really tempted to exercise? Not likely.

How about sleeping in on Sunday morning – been tempted? You had such a great time with family or friends Saturday, but man, it was late when you finally got the kids into bed and nearly midnight when you got to bed. So, you think, it’s just one Sunday morning. Who is going to be hurt by missing just one Sunday morning?

Been tempted to call in sick? Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t thought, I will make it up later, but I am so tired, or I just do not feel like going in to work this morning. Everybody calls in sick occasionally. Who is going to be hurt if I miss just one day?

What about the little lie or exaggeration? Ever been tempted to tell the little lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation or to improve your position? Sure, everybody does it, but does that make it any less a sin? 

I don’t know about you but I am often tempted by these and many, many more that I easily justify at the time under the heading of “everybody does it”. So, who gets hurt?