July 22, 2015

Our Downs Syndrome brother passed on recently. His life was a joy for all of us, as he was full of laughter and joy. He was an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. He enjoyed weight lifting, wrestling, and old TV programs. He won several Special Olympics first-place trophies and gold medals for weight lifting. Some of his prized possessions were his SuperBowl rings and a T-shirt autographed by Jerry Lawler. 

The week of his passing, he had started packing up his prized possessions – his trophies, his medals, his rings. When questioned about this, he said he was moving upstairs. Nobody paid much attention at the time, because he had a high fever and was thought to be hallucinating. When admitted to the ER, he told the doctors and nurses their office was nice, but his office (he always called hospital rooms offices) upstairs was going to be a lot prettier. He had never lived in a home with an upstairs. When he was admitted to ICU, he told the nurses their office was nice, but his office upstairs was going to be a lot prettier - the color was a lot better and much lighter. Every time someone came into his hospital room, he was quick to tell them that he was not staying in this office very long, because he was moving to a prettier office upstairs real soon.

We were never certain how much he understood about Jesus, but would try to tell him about Jesus and how much Jesus loved him. He would listen, but never really said anything, so all we could do was pray and hope. The morning of his passing, it was clear to all of us that our special brother, who was a 6 year old little boy in a 48 yr. old, 230 lb. squatty body, may not have known Jesus in the same way we did, but Jesus certainly knew him.