October 24, 2016

Read Haggai 2:10-19

The Israelites in Haggai's day had been disobedient to the Lord's command to rebuild His house. Instead, they had been seeing to their own affairs and building their own houses. And though Israel's disobedience always meant loss of blessing, they refused to turn back to the Lord. (v. 17) 

Are we not also guilty of the same thing? Instead of a heavenly perspective, we see things through our earthly eyes. We tend to our own affairs by building bigger homes, taking extravagant trips, and buying "toys" instead of serving the Lord. 

As I was walking this morning, I thought, "I wish I had time to decorate my house for fall, but there are so many people pulling on me right now.” Instead, if I had a Kingdom perspective, I would be thanking God for the people He has placed in my life and praying for His strength to serve in love. I thought, "I wish I had time to go get a makeover to hide all my aging. My makeup is so outdated." But the Holy Spirit reminded me that my makeover needed to be internal - from His perspective. Let"s face it: it's a daily struggle to surrender fleshly lifestyles and thoughts, to embrace spiritual kingdom perspectives. 

I recently lost my daddy, and my mother is quickly slipping away. And do you know what? I do not remember the fine houses, cars, or trips we took. The things I remember most clearly are seeing them read God's Word daily, hearing them pray, and listening to their spiritual guidance throughout my life. Though God blessed them with material abundance, they were able to see this life from a kingdom perspective. They “got it,” and I want to get it, too.