November 9, 2016

Read Revelation 5:9
Youth groups and campfires. How many of those have I sat around, first as a youth, then as a counselor? Singing was always a part of the evening. “Cum ba yah.” “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder.” “It only takes a spark.” “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the LORD.” 
I was reminded of this last one this week as we worshipped with a sister church. For one night, it was as it should be - we were one, not “them” and “us.” We celebrated births, rebirths, and we remembered the LORD’S great sacrifice for us. It was wonderful to be in the LORD’S house with my earthly family and also with my eternal family.
I would love to have more joint worship services with His people, even those who (gasp!) do not call themselves “Baptist.” After all, Jesus was slain, and purchased for God with His blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.  A foretaste of heaven.