July 27, 2016

Read 1 Samuel 1-3

“This went on year after year.” Oh, how Hannah’s heart must have ached! How many times did she wonder if God had heard her prayer? How many different ways had she asked for His intervention? How many times did she repent for her own bad attitude and the awful thoughts she undoubtedly had toward that other woman, Peninnah? How many nights did she pray that this would be the moment things changed for her?

But unbeknownst to her, God had a plan! What an old timey word - unbeknownst! It is a shame that we do not use it more often, because there is so much that is unbeknownst to us, just as so much was unbeknownst to Hannah. Hannah did not know her life had anything to do with things happening at Shiloh. Hannah did not know God was getting fed up with the sin surrounding His temple. Hannah did not know the Nation of Israel needed her son. God had a magnificent plan in which this dear woman longing for a child was an integral part. Far from being forgotten, she was in the very center of His gaze. She was being prepared to fulfill God’s plan, and a loving Father was carefully saving every one of her tears.

El Roi, the God who sees you, continues to see as clearly today as ever. He knows the longings of your heart. Trust in Him. Wait with Him. Lean heavily into His embrace and allow Him to support you. He has a plan, and it includes you.