January 20, 2017

Read: Exodus 14

One of the Bible study methods used in the Muslim world, where public gatherings are challenging, is a self-study that works verse by verse.

There are some self-led thought provoking questions and at the end this application question is asked, “Who needs to hear this so it will encourage them or move them closer to salvation?”

The follow up to that question is, “What is my plan to tell them?”

A dream without action remains a dream at best.

Exodus 14:15 is verse that applies here.  God seems to be admonishing His people about prayer.  God asks, “Why are you praying to me?” (Then He clarifies why question prayer time) “I have told you what to do, move forward!”


Pray that moving forward I may act on the leading of the Holy Spirit.  When someone’s name comes to mind, act on that and call.  As I read my Bible, not see the time as for me, but who needs to hear this verse?

Then stop praying to God and move forward.  Exodus 14:15