Friday, July 17

Read Isaiah 49:16
A few weeks ago, Pastor Ken Story began his sermon by recognizing people from the pulpit. He knew faces and names. The following Sunday, my childhood pastor preached and remembered my name from 20 years ago. How special that these men of God knew their flocks by name - which probably number in the thousands, given the scope of their ministry.
Now consider how much more intimately our Heavenly Father knows us. He doesn't just know our faces and names. He doesn't just know our families and interests. He knows our inner most being ... our joys, fears, long fuses, short fuses, ... He knows it all.  And in spite of it, and also because of it, He loves us. 
In fact, He loves us so much that He's committed to remembering us. Isaiah 49:16 says that the people of Israel are engraved on the palm of His hand as a reminder and demonstration of His commitment to them.  So, I believe our names are also engraved in His Hand, as well as in the Book of Life. What amazing assurance of His love and care for today and tomorrow.