December 4, 2015

Read Luke 10:38-42Romans 12:9-21
Which is the best part?  In your house is it the turkey legs or a big chunk of breast meat? My kids used to scramble for the wishbone. A house full of family and friends seems to define our American Thanksgiving.  Some would say that is the best part. One year we had almost sixty. This year, it is supposed to be less than twenty. At just one-third of our peak, it almost feels like, what’s the use? 
John 21:25 tells us that if everything Jesus did and said were written down, the world could not contain it all.  My imagination loves to make full use of that.  In my imaginings, I love to see Jesus and His disciples at the home of Martha and Mary.  I would bet it was like Thanksgiving.  The excitement and the energy level awaiting their arrival . . . I wonder how many times those sisters would gaze at the horizon waiting. Jesus seemed to enjoy the times He spent in their home immensely.  He returned time and again. They were obviously very gracious hostesses, and not just to Him.  He would have seen right through that.
We are called to be hospitable, not entertaining. Hospitality is more concerned about who is welcomed at your table than what is put on your table. Hospitality is less about doing and more about being. “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” Martha concerned herself with providing for her guest.  Mary provided herself to her guest. Jesus was there.  He was available to both sisters. They both loved and enjoyed Him. They chose to express this in different ways.  Mary chose the best part.