April 3, 2017

Read Joshua 7; 8:1-29

When Joshua sent the Israelites up against the city of Ai, many Israelites were killed because of Achan’s disobedience to God’s command.  God said, “Israel has sinned; they have violated my covenant.” But when Achan and all he had were destroyed the sin was cleansed from the Israelites camp. God’s anger was appeased and He directed Joshua in a victorious battle plan to take the city of Ai.

Sin has drastic consequences, so we need to take great measures to avoid it.  Joshua listened to God and commanded the Israelites to consecrate themselves.  Abiding in God’s love a favor is so important. How do we as Christians do that?  When Jesus saves us, God gives us through His grace and mercy, a new past, present and future and a victorious battle plan for living a righteous life with Him in His love.  With daily discipline of prayer and applying scripture to our lives so that God’s Word changes our thoughts and actions and walking in loving obedience to His Holy Spirit, we can enjoy peaceful, joyful fellowship with God.  Keeping our priorities in order makes a huge difference!

We should consecrate ourselves to prioritize our daily quiet time with God even if it means getting up before dawn, before anyone else in the house, then walking in sweet fellowship with Him until we close our eyes in sleep at night.  Thankfully God never sleeps!  And He keeps His promises to us!

“Lord Jesus, I am for You. I’m no longer for myself, the world, or anything else.  I am for Your use and Your satisfaction.”