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God is love. Everything He has and will do comes from His heart for His children. Today’s generation of young ladies often look for love in all the wrong places: friendships, relationships, social media, appearance, sports/activities, etc. Many view love as conditional and constantly try to earn favor- even from the Lord. In order for any girl to grow and thrive in her walk with Christ- she must first understand Christ’s love for her. This leads to an ability to give out the love of God to others. Christ’s love for us forever changes our identity.

BELOVED encompasses the heartbeat of the Girls Ministry at Germantown Baptist. The definition of beloved is “dearly loved.” It is a term that is affectionate and intimate. It is the goal of this ministry to grow and develop young women who know the love of their Father personally and intimately. This word implies that the love is accepted by each girl from God and felt intimately for God.

In Romans 9:25, Paul quotes the book of Hosea, reminding the believers in Rome that through the redemptive work of Jesus’ death and resurrection, they have moved from death to life and have been adopted as children of God. They are dearly loved by the Lord. The word “beloved” can also be broken down in to two words- “be” and “loved.” God’s love is not conditional but abundant. Many girls want to be loved and will only find it through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.