Adult Sunday School

Sunday School classes are an integral part of our worship program; we encourage you to find a group that’s right for you!

Sunday School classes help adults connect with a small group of adults with similar interests, ages and life stages. Each week, participants find:

  • Interactive life-focused Bible study
  • Relationship connections
  • Genuine concern and care
  • Ministry opportunities

Find a class that’s right for you

Adults will also find gender and age-specific ministries targeted to certain segments of the congregation. We offer special programs just for men, women, senior, and married adults.

The Germantown Baptist Church Men's Ministry aims to spiritually develop men through an expanding knowledge of God's Word and surrendering to the empowerment of God's Holy Spirit. Our goal is that GBC men would become the best husbands, fathers, workers, community leaders, and Christ-followers they can be.

The Women’s Ministry of Germantown Baptist Church desires to make disciples through encouraging and equipping women to pursue godliness.

Women's Bible Studies

A variety of Ladies' Bible Studies are held throughout the year. Childcare is provided for mothers who participate in our women’s Bible studies. Childcare is provided on a limited basis and reservations are required. If you would like more information regarding childcare provided by Germantown Baptist Church, please contact Karen Wylie (Director of Childcare) at 901.260.5729 or via email.

Programs for Women

The Marriage Foundations course has been developed to prepare couples for a fulfilling, life-long, God-honoring marriage whether engaged and newly-wed.  The course aims to help couples understand a biblical view of marriage, learn some practical expressions of the biblical view of marriage, and practice some of these skills in a group setting.