Hallelujah, Death is Beaten.

It has been an eventful 24 hours. I want to give you a glimpse at all that we've been up too, but first I need you to know something.  


God has heard us.  


We have seen his hand at work among us.  

Last Night, three of our people chose their King. They dedicated their life to following him and have been saved by his grace.  


One student shared last night that as he was singing the lyrics,  

"What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus."  

He understood for the first time that he was lost. That without Jesus he was broken and without life. And so, his response was to repent and our King faithfully breathed life into his dead bones.  

We gathered after service with our church group. We discussed what we learned, had questions about, and what has changed us for good.  

Over and over, our students were bold and brave and shared how God has stirred their hearts. He is stirring their hearts to repentance and movement and life. He is showing them the Kingdom. He is using their stories and the scriptures to show them His faithfulness.  


I believe that there is still more God is going to do here. I believe and am waiting with eager anticipation to see the strongholds of sin and addiction that he will break. To see the people he will set free. To watch our kids walk in confidence that they are created with purpose and are so dearly loved.  


Let's keep asking him for just that. For him to lift the scales from their eyes so they may meet their maker.  

Yesterday was full. We saw the ocean, lounged in a lazy river, ate delicious food, and worshipped our King with over 1000 others. We saw God do what most would consider the impossible. 


This week is only half through and there is so much that has happened so far. And so much left to experience. 

Check back tomorrow to hear more about what God does. Continue to join us in prayer, that God will continue to make himself known. 

If you want to hear about what happened yesterday, check out our Day 1 Blog!  



Sarah Renfro  

Student Associate