Pastor's Gospel Sharing Visit Report

(2 ADULT MALES a week on average/ 8 a month)

These are to be reports of one on one gospel sharing encounters outside of the church building/or any on church campus events. A Gospel Sharing evangelistic visit occurs when the gospel is shared, regardless of response.  It is not a relationship building encounter, those are action plans for the goal of sharing the Gospel 2 times a week on average.  This does not include invitations to church or events, but one on one Gospel Sharing encounters at which a decision is asked for.  For example, after sharing the gospel (1st Cor. 15:1-4), the question is asked, “Is this the desire of your heart?  Yes or no?” Sharing the Gospel with fifty men at a rescue mission church service counts as one gospel sharing.  Sharing with five men individually at the same mission on the same day, ONE ON ONE, counts as five.  The reason out of church building/church events is asked for is it lets the pastor set the pace for evangelism in ways the congregation CAN ALSO participate and may adopt as their model. If all of a pastor’s gospel sharing is at invitation time of a worship service, then a congregation member may say, “the only place to share the gospel is at an invitation and thus only a pastor can share his faith.” 

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