The Germantown Baptist Church Foundation provides financial resources to enhance the mission and the ministries of Germantown Baptist Church. It assures successful ministries for generations to come.

As we all know, colleges, charities and other institutions have built sizable foundations with gifts from committed Christians. The Germantown Baptist Church Foundation provides a vehicle to support a higher cause by helping God’s people fund God’s work for future generations. 

For where your treasure is,
there your 
heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21 



Many of the blessings our church enjoys today are the result of generous Christians who have gone before us. Now it’s your turn! The Germantown Baptist Church Foundation provides creative ways each of us can give and allows us to multiply the impact of our gifts. The best time to plan for the future is right now. Christian financial planner Larry Burkett once said, “the very best investment a person can make is an investment in the Kingdom of God.” The Foundation is committed to assisting individuals and ministries in discerning God’s purposes for the resources He has entrusted to them, and maximizing the impact of the resources in estate and financial planning. 


The Germantown Baptist Church Foundation provides a variety of opportunities to:

  • Impact lives for Christ beyond your lifetime 
  • Contribute to new ministries to effectively spread the Gospel 
  • Perpetuate financial support for the church you love 
  • Donate gifts on behalf of loved ones you wish to remember in a lasting way 
  •  Provide financial strength to help our church meet challenges in the years ahead 


By giving to the Germantown Baptist Church Foundation, you will:

  • Be a faithful Christian steward beyond your lifetime 
  • Help provide solid financial strength for the future of Germantown Baptist Church
  • Assure that God’s work through our church continues to flourish 
  • Express love and care for Jesus Christ and His church 
  • Enable a Christian witness to continue through our church until the day of Christ’s return! 


There are several ways to provide gifts to help support the ongoing ministry of Germantown Baptist Church

  • Bequest in Wills
  • Life Insurance
  • Lifetime Gifts
  • Trusts
  • Gift Annuities
  • Direct Financial Gifts • Memorials
  • Property Transfers