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A Night of Hope

Night of Hope

A Christmas Worship Concert with
The Germantown Baptist Choir & Orchestra

At the Germantown Baptist Church Worship Center

One twenty-four hour news cycle broadcasts plentiful images of violence, suffering, strife, and despair. One single work day presents the ongoing challenges of juggling family responsibilities, financial obligations and workplace expectations. What if someone offered you a break from those wearisome cycles? What if someone were to offer you a night of respite and refreshment? A night of hope? This year, the Germantown Baptist Church choir and orchestra offer just such a gift to our greater community…a Night of Hope!  This musical celebration will breathe hope, peace and joy into your holiday season, and it will prepare your heart to celebrate the miracle of Christmas!  

This event is a special offering to our community and will take place at the beautiful Germantown Performing Arts Center. Tickets are free but must reserved in advance. Ticket reservations will begin Monday, December 1st and will be available through this page or through the church office.