September 9, 2016

Read Matthew 28:18-20

The Great Commission.  It’s a little daunting when you look at it…especially when you realize it’s directed right at you!  That right. I’m commanded to “make disciples.” You’re commanded to “make disciples.”  He is calling us to become disciple makers, reaching out to those who need to hear His Good News and respond to it. 

But the Great Commission doesn’t begin with “make disciples.” It begin with “All authority has been given to Me.”  Jesus is declaring that He has the authority to commission us for this task and with that commission comes the power to accomplish what is impossible in our own flesh.  I am so thankful that the One who has called me, also empowers me.  And it’s the same for all of us He has called. 

Do you believe that? Do you truly trust Jesus when He says that?  Do you believe that you can become what He is calling you to become, knowing that He will empower you to do what He has told you to do? Spend some time this morning meditating on who you are in Christ already and thank Him that He has already given you the power to walk in obedience to accomplish all He has called you to.