September 8, 2016

Read Ephesians 4:16

In my job I get to work a lot with data about people.  We collect data, we mine data, we use data to communicate.  It’s data all around.  While that’s useful at work, how does that help me advance God’s Kingdom?

That expertise is turning out to be quite helpful!  It only took me telling the Lord it’s His to use and asking Him to show me where.  He began to show me that all that data…all those number…all that information…it’s all really just pieces of the story of His work in a person’s life.  With that information, I am able to better connect with people.  I am in a better position to share the gospel with them.  I’m more available to be involved in service in my neighborhood when they need a “tech person” to help communicate with everyone…which puts me in a place to be able to connect with them with the gospel.

What expertise has God developed in you?  No matter how odd the expertise is, God can use it.  He will bring to you opportunities to use that expertise to connect with others, to serve and love others, and to bride that to His Gospel. 

Thank you Lord for my job and all the skills and expertise you have developed in me through it.  Give me eyes to see opportunities all around me to use that expertise to see your Kingdom advanced.