September 8, 2015

Read Luke 11:21-22; Mark 3:27

It was a miserable, hot summer. Add to that the fact that I had just had my second child. Add to that the fact that the police and the fire department were both on strike! My husband was spending the night on the sidewalk in front of the small business we owned, protecting it from looters. And then the power went out. Even though I could see that the power was out on the entire street, I was sure someone was coming for me. I gathered my babies into my bed, along with a big knife under my pillow.

Unbeknownst to me, this particular “strong man” had killed power to the entire city. How silly to think I could protect my family with a kitchen knife! There is only One Who could protect us from every weapon of the enemy - the Lord Jesus. Unless He protects us, all our efforts are in vain. (Psalm 127:1) That night, I learned to truly trust Him to take care of me and those I love. 

Who watches over you and yours?