September 7, 2016

Read Romans 12:6-8

My spiritual gift is mercy?! Ha! No way.  I’m not a merciful person by nature.  Hey, you made your bed, and while it may be uncomfortable, you’re the one that made it! I’m exaggerating a little, but I am pretty much an analytical, “cause and effect” kind of person. How in the world could mercy be one of my spiritual gifts?

Spiritual gifts are by their very nature “super” natural.  They are not our natural bent. They are not what is normal for our flesh.  The Holy Spirit gives us something that is clearly not us.  Every time I’m being used by God to encourage someone walking through a hard time, His mercy comes out.  Not mine.  He receives the glory of it, not me.  It’s clearly Him at work.  It’s that supernatural gift that He is exercising in me in those moments.

How do your natural gifts and your supernatural, Spiritual gifts differ?  Natural gifts are still from God, but there is something special about how He gifts us spiritually. 

Lord, thank you for your gifts in my life, even the ones that seem so foreign to my flesh.  Thank you that what you have given me to exercise in your Kingdom work points to you and your glory.  Help me find new ways today to exercise that gift to see your Kingdom advanced through GBC in Germantown, East Shelby County, Memphis, and the world.