September 7, 2015

Read Luke 11:21-22; Mark 3:27

It was an ordinary Sunday morning as members of our small congregation began to gather in groups for Sunday school.  In the youth department class entered a visitor thathad never been to our church before.   All of a sudden, the room seemed filled with a presence of satanic powers.  It soon became obvious that we were not dealing with flesh and blood, but “against evil rulers of the unseen world - evil spirits in heavenly places.”  She began to scream in satanic tones that brought fear to the hearts of the young people. 

I was in another part of the church, but heard and felt the severity of the situation.  All of a sudden, it was if God was standing beside me and saying to me - “Don’t move toward the girl or be in her presence.”  Fortunately, a pentecostal Pastor visiting that Sunday was able to gently remove her from the class and lead her home. 

Days later, I realized that God was protecting me from the evil one that day. Perhaps all of my spiritual armor was not in place.  As our pastor has said, God has given us the armor, but it has no value till we put it on - all of it. 

Have you had an armor check lately? Paul says, “pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.” (Ephesians 6:18) We are to be alert and persistent in our prayer for all believers.