September 6, 2016

Read: Jeremiah 29:11

I don’t know about you, but I can say in my life there are many experiences I have walked through that did not have a fairy tale ending (or beginning or middle for that matter!).  From the perspective of the eyes of my flesh, it would seem like my life would have been a lot better off without those times.  It’s really stuff that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone and definitely would not have been a part of my story if I had been the author.

Yet, as I have continued in my life, the Lord continues to open my spiritual eyes to have a more eternal perspective.  He has brought me to the point where those experiences are no longer crutches and excuses.  Because of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, I can see how He has traded out my baggage for fuel.  What was slowing me down, now is what drives me.  Those experiences of yesterday have been a part of shaping me into who God desires to use today.  The moments that were hopeless have become a source of hope.  If He brought me through that then, I know He can walk me through this now.

I have become thankful to God for the story He crafted me through and the plans He has had for me.  What parts of your experiences is He desiring to use in and through you in the days ahead? 

Lord, thank you for the story you have given me. Even now there are days that I have a hard time seeing the good that has come from all the hard times.  Open my eyes to how you want to use those times to shape me and use me to be testimony of Your grace to others.