September 23, 2015

Read 1 John 4:4; 2 Corinthians 3:18
When our son was about seven years old, we were convinced he was a genius! He could fix anything - or at least try.  Shortly after our arrival on the mission field, we were confronted with a stopped up commode and had to call a plumber. Our son, without our knowledge, decided to try out his skills before the plumber arrived and stuffed a small orange down the commode, trying to remove the abstraction. When the plumber arrived, he had to completely remove the fixture from its base and was puzzled to find an orange in the “pipe line”.  Struggling with our new language, we had a great conversation with “Señor Plumber”.  All of a sudden, he looked up at my wife and said, “You people are Christians, aren’t you?”  “Yes, we are Christians,” she replied, “but how did you know that were are Christians?”  His reply was, “because your faces are different.”      
That experience brought us to our knees and taught us a great lesson. Jesus reminds us that “we are the light of the world”.  Of course, that is only possible when we become the reflection of Christ that lives within us. Sometimes that  reflection can be dimmed when we fail to use all of the armor He has given us to protect us from the “evil one.” 
Sarah Young, in her book, Jesus Calling, expresses the idea that the Holy Spirit, who makes his abode in us, can easily be seen through our faces - making Christ visible to those around us.