September 21, 2015

Read 1 John 4:4

Counter Culture, a recent book by IMB President David Platt, challenges the reader to examine the aspects of our culture that contradict God’s plan for us.  In almost every facet of our lives, Christians are tempted by Satan via cultural expectations.  Bombarded by media, our society appears to be “numb” to hot topics.  1 John 4:4 reminds us to be aware of false spirits.  As believers, we can claim this verse knowing the “one who is in us is greater than the one in the world”.  

Music and movies are two venues that Satan uses to glorify his ways.  Even books can have an appeal to general culture.  Daily news reports reveal same sex marriages and marijuana use as legal, but God’s name and prayer as illegal.  

It is difficult as a parent to seal your child from this “the worldview” of acceptance.  We are bombarded daily by temptation.  With only the strength God can provide, we can discern Christ’s plan over the world’s plan.  Satan is looking for an opening, but when Christ is fully in us, there’s no room.  

Seal your homes with Christ inside and declare that Satan has no place in it.  Pray daily for a hedge of protection against the evil ways of the world.  And, protect yourself by selectively choosing your family’s entertainment.  If you haven’t seen “WarRoom,” make plans to go this weekend. 

When God is in us, He is greater than the things of this world.