September 18, 2015

Read 1 John 5:19Romans 8:37Ephesians 6:11

Surely, I am not the only one who recalls having various strategies for conquering the awkwardness of Loehmann’s chaotic communal dressing room.  After gathering every article of clothing I may possibly be interested in trying on, I would seek out a spot in the far corner.  Staking my claim and getting it all done at once seemed to make me less vulnerable.  But then there was always the question of whether it would be best to bare all at one time in hopes being able to be faster or would it be best to, albeit awkwardly, attempt to slip out of my blouse with a dress hanging around my neck so I could attempt to stay covered.  This, of course, took longer and involved a variety of contortions and unflattering poses.  I’d tell myself no one was watching or even cared, but then reminded myself of the tales I had heard.  These were not friends.  Any doubt of that could be quickly cleared up when a new shipment of designer fashions were brought out.  It was truly every woman for herself and many times the most ruthless and entangled were those barely clad.

Undoubtedly, this was not what Paul envisioned when he penned these admonitions.  There was something much more serious in his reminder that we dwell in enemy occupied territory.  But, as in Loehmann’s infamous dressing room, we need a strategy in order to conquer the chaos and confusion in this world.  Our claim was staked for us.  We are entitled but we must be prepared to defend it.  As we are confronted by those who would exploit any vulnerability, we need to stand being fully clothed in the armor of God.  We cannot afford to be entangled in battle hoping to conceal the fact that pieces of our armor are still on the dressing room floor.