September 15, 2016

Read Mark 9:35

When is the first option not the best option? When is the last option actually the more desirable one?
Here’s the ultimate “last is best” scenario! Sometimes in our journey of discipleship we get this entitlement mentality that when we’re “acting right” and feel close to God that we should get some kind of special treatment, like God should love us more, or that we should be happier, or more comfortable. The first problem with this is the idea that God’s love would be based on our behavior. (God‘s love is perfect and complete and depends solely on Him, not on us. God loves us because He is love. God welcomes us into relationship because of what Jesus did, not because we can do anything to make Him love us more.)
But the second problem is that Jesus taught that feeling like we deserve to be first is pretty much the opposite of what we should be about.
Jesus teaches that part of being a disciple is desiring to be last. He told His followers that to be great in His Kingdom you had to go last. You had to take on the servant mentality.
Something To Think About . . .
·         What would “being last” look like if you lived it out at your job or school?
·         What would “being last” look like if you lived it out at church or at home?
·         Why do you think Jesus commanded His disciples to think of themselves as servants?
·         How can you seek to be last for the sake of someone you are discipling?