September 15, 2014

Read: Luke 11:29-32 

I guess it’s time to pull them up - my sad petunias. They’re barely recognizable from the bright, happy plants they were in April! I plant them each spring with the hope that this year will be different! For a week, they look amazing, and I smile every time I look out on my deck. But then the truth sets in - petunias need sun and my back yard has none. Is this new information to me? No, of course not! The tag in each package clearly states “full sun” and after almost 20 years in the same house, I clearly know that my back yard is full shade. No matter how much I’d like for the petunias to thrive on my shady deck, they aren’t going to do so. Their very nature cannot be changed by my wanting.

I have to admit that I sometimes do the same with God - ignore what I know to be true for the hope that He can fit in with the life I want at the moment. Even though the Bible clearly describes His nature, I’d often like  for Him to be a little more accepting of my sin, a little less knowing about my motives, or a little less exacting of my loyalty. But my wanting Him to be so doesn’t make Him so. (And how fortunate for the rest of you that God’s nature isn’t dependent upon my whims!) He is who He is ... “the same yesterday and today and forever” ( Hebrews 13:8).  He doesn’t conform to MY expectations; I am to conform to HIS, remembering that, “... my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD (Isaiah 55:8).


Adoration: God is holy, mighty, gracious, and merciful. Spend time declaring your love for Him and expressing your thoughts of praise and worship.

Confession: Ask God to search your heart and reveal any areas of unconfessed sin. Acknowledge these to the Lord and thank Him for His forgiveness.


Thanksgiving: Express your thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given you. When we consider that we deserve punishment because of our sinfulness, and instead God gives to us His love and mercy, our only response should be one of thankfulness.

Supplication: Petition God to help you be a faithful steward of your time, talents, possessions, and relationships.  Offer prayers concerning your activities for this day and any special concerns you have.  Intercede for your local, state, and national governments.  Pray for spiritual revival in the nation and offer prayers regarding any current events and concerns.