September 13, 2016

The other day I saw a commercial that really got my attention.  The camera is focused on a little boy, who is maybe five years old. Slowly, a distant rumble—barely perceptible at first—drifts into the scene and then grows increasingly louder. As soon as the boy hears the deep base rumble, he drops everything, jumps up, and starts running full-out. Sprinting through his backyard, he grabs a helmet and heads for the driveway, where he excitedly slides onto his perfectly positioned and waiting three-wheeler. By the time he lands on the seat, his feet are already pumping the pedals. He all but peals out, heading fast for the end of the driveway, as the rumble grows louder and closer.

The scene pulls back, showing the five-year-old at the end of the driveway, excitedly awaiting his father who we now see wearing a helmet and riding a Harley (motorcycle) toward the driveway and his awaiting son. The father slows and turns the rumbling Harley into the driveway. He pulls alongside his son who is now facing in the same direction on his three-wheeler.  A moment passes. Then with a well-practiced nod, they begin driving side by side up the well-worn driveway toward the garage.     

We at Germantown Baptist are a family of disciples, striving to live and love like Jesus. Enjoying Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and walking with others to Jesus. Every time I see that commercial, I hope God sees me like that kid: full of love and admiration (1 Samuel 2:1-2), glad to drop everything to rush to His side (Mark 1: 16-18), desiring to be just like Him (Romans 8: 28-30), and delighted to travel life with Him side by side (Isaiah 41:10).