September 10, 2015

Read Luke 11:21-22

I saw a photograph of a root cellar the other day.  It looked so cool with its neat rows of home canned vegetables and shelves loaded down with potatoes, onions and carrots.  It made me think, “Wow, I need one of those.”  My mind drifted to the pages of survivalist supplies I recalled seeing on the Amazon website, and then I laughed at myself.  I could so easily be one of those who moves to some remote location and builds a high wall around my loved ones.  Where do we draw the line between a well-stocked pantry, because in the house of the wise are stores of food and oil, and the man who builds larger and larger storage towers for all his grain, only to discover his life is ending today?  I would say it is not in whether or not we prepare for calamity.  We are told to do so.  But, it is in knowing Who brings calamity.  If I rightly consider that my Lord and Father controls all things, then I must only listen and heed His direction.  A strong wind can turn a lifetime of sacrifice into rubble in seconds.  I have seen dishonesty, corruption, and just plain ole stupidity ruin years of hard work, but I have never seen God forsake His people.

So often our Lord uses a physical example to make a spiritual point.  We are not to be weak or unprepared.  In fact, we are directed to be strong (physically and spiritually) and courageous but we must realize there is always someone stronger, someone more powerful, someone willing to go to a greater extreme.  Our own armor is not enough.  It is His armor we must put on.  He directs us to be clothed in Him and His armor.  His armor is what brings down powers and principalities.