September 1, 2015

The men were dressed in their dark, Sunday suits and ties. The mood was somber serious. I don’t remember a word that was spoken. As the deacons being ordained knelt at the altar, all the ministers and deacons lined up. As they slowly walked down the line, they laid their hands on each man’s head and whispered in his ear. I wondered what they were saying. Even to a very young girl, it was obvious that serious business was being conducted, nothing to be taken lightly. 

In truth, each of those kneeling at the altar had been deacons for a long time. Their lives had demonstrated that they were men of dignity and self-control. They had their priorities in order. They had been serving their church family for quite some time. Tonight, they were being recognized for who they already were.

When the original deacons were appointed, “the word of God kept on spreading; and the number of disciples continued to increase greatly.” (Acts 6:5) May this be true of our church because of the faithful service and example of our deacons.