October 31, 2016

Read Haggai 2:20-23

Quick! Check your calendar! Isn't it full for the next 3 months or more? Our days always seem to have something that's urgent.  It's difficult to get 8 hours of sleep.  One phone call can change the day, for better or worse.

I have often asked God to help me plan my day, but recently I have been so busy that when I looked at my calendar, I whispered, "God, I commit my plans for this day to You.”  God is faithful and, as I jumped into my car, a Christian radio station blared, "Abiding is more important than serving."  I knew He was speaking to me. I paused to be still and experience His peace.  I returned to a longer quiet time in the mornings and to focusing on the ministries He has called me to and let go of some things that were not priority.Thankfully, He reminded me not to neglect STUDYING His word by just reading it, and to memorize it, so it's hidden in my heart.

God is so wonderfully patient with us.  He calls us back as individuals and as His body, so that through our obedience He can impact and change our hearts, our attitudes,our communities, our nation and our world.