October 27, 2015

Read Psalm 109:30

I’m waiting for a worship service to begin at a friend’s church in another city. The setting is unfamiliar, and I am not entirely sure what to expect. As the music starts and worship leaders make their way to the front, I quickly realize that the first song is new to me. From the sounds of it, this service is going to be a bit more . . . modern . . . than I might prefer. The congregation rises to sing, and I rise with them. I now have a choice. I can stand quietly and let worship go on around me, critical of music that is not to my taste, simply enduring until it’s over. Or, I can choose to focus on Christ as I allow the message of the song to draw me into worshipping Him. The song might not be what I like, but those around me are engaged in worship. I choose to worship with them.

Worship is not about me. It’s not about what I like or don’t like. It isn’t even about what others like or do not like. It’s about God. It involves the attitude of the heart. God is displeased with people who honor Him with their lips while their hearts are far from Him. Our true call to worship God means that we think entirely more of Him than we do of ourselves. We are called to worship God selflessly.

How about you? Are you selfish or selfless?