October 17, 2016

Read Haggai 2:1-9

When God promised to shake all nations with His judgement, He was speaking of both His present judgement on evil nations and future judgement during the last days. Since Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, we have been living in the last days. What motivation for Christians to pray for our country to be delivered from evil! Never has it been more important to pray for our country and the leaders in offices of power, and for God to place committed, mature Christiansin places of leadership.

No matter what difficulties we face or how difficult our work may be, God’s Spirit is with us, for now He abides in our hearts and lives, not just in a man-made temple. We must be holy and live by His Spirit, for we know not when He will return and shake the heavens and the earth. Our daily purpose is to know God through Jesus Christ and through His word. We must tell the millions of lost souls in this world of His great love for them and lead them to Christ by loving them, meeting their physical needs, and planting the seeds of the gospel, continually lifting them in prayer until God brings them into a saving faith and knowledge of Him through Jesus. 

He lives! Praise God He reigns and will soon return as He promised! Never, never underestimate the power and importance of prayer!