October 14, 2016

Are you a half-full or half-empty person? Is that really a fair question?  I find that I can only answer that question depending on the situation.   I choose whether to be optimistic or pessimistic based on the situation.  The situation determines my perspective.  The glass is always full when I think I can win.  However, when I feel failure is imminent, I will claim the glass as half-empty.  How do I know ahead if I will win or lose?  I really don’t know—I base that decision on my perspective.  Our thoughts, feelings and experiences form our perspective.

As an adult, my perspective is skewed differently than it was as a teenager.  I realize now how numb I was to the words in secular music and the subtle themes in movies and books.  It seemed all my friends had the same perspective.  What harm could a few cuss words in a song or movie cause for me?  I would not have classified this as a sin when I was a teenager.  My perspective was the same as those who surrounded me—those with whom I spent the most time.

But, my perspective changed as my situation changed.  As I started to pursue God, the decision to completely follow Him made the secular world less important.  I found I preferred Christian music.  I want to see movies that are uplifting and read books that are reflective of my lifestyle.   I desire to serve Him and honor Him.  

His Kingdom is honored when our perspective matches His perspective.  He will bless those who diligently serve him.   Take time this week to determine your perspective.  Do you see your situation as half-full or half-empty?