October 14, 2015

Read Psalm 46:10

We all have a verse or several that speaks to us at any given time, but Psalm 46:10a speaks to me more often than any other. I tend to be a multi-tasker to the point that, often times, I have too many tasks going on to truly accomplish anything well. 

Simply sitting down for a few minutes in the middle of one of my multi-tasking ‘storms’ to meditate on this verse allows me to stop and refocus my mind and my energy.  Following the instructions of this verse, I am able to turn off my busyness and quiet not only my thoughts, but my hands and feet.  There is a peace that comes from being still in His presence. He is a God of order not chaos.

Psalm 46:10b reads that He will be exalted among the nations and in the earth. After spending a period of stillness in His presence reflecting on His majesty, grace, and love for me, I have a renewed focus of mind and energy. More importantly, I have a renewed closeness with my Lord and Savior and can spend the remainder of my day thanking Him because He is my God.