October 13, 2016

Read Proverbs 22:1

Character. We’re bombarded with examples of bad, or totally lacking, character every day. The good kind does still exist.

The boy scouts are selling popcorn outside Kroger stores. A young boy approached me this morning. I told him that I was so sorry, but I had to buy from my grandson. He immediately replied, “Good luck to him.” I walked on to a man in scout uniform and told him about my encounter. That’s a young man who shows character, already.

I have a new nephew, through marriage. I watched him during a hospital visit with my mother. He was so very kind and gentle with her. This is who he is, who he has always been. Character can’t be bought and doesn’t need to be advertised. It shows.

Character matters and is of eternal value. While character can’t be bought, it can be modeled. What would your children and grandchildren say about your character?