October 10, 2016

Read Haggai 2:1-15

If you have grandchildren, you find out very quickly just how archaic you are! At some point you make the mistake of asking someone under the age of ten who a popular icon is, and then it begins! If you mention an old movie, you often find there has been a remake with people you do not recognize. Mention a song that you liked in high school or college, and you draw blank stares. Before you start feeling sorry for yourself, just remember that you once, most likely, did much the same to your parents, grandparents, or older relatives.

As parents and grandparents, it is our responsibility to teach our children their heritage, but not at the expense of living in the past. Immediately accepting the latest and greatest is not always best, but neither is dwelling in the past to the point of missing something great today. When we embrace our past but look forward to the future, we are instilling a sense of hope in our children and grandchildren. 

So often our memory of the past is much different than what really happened. If you doubt this, just go to your high school reunion. The gym will seem smaller than you remember.  The cafeteria will be unrecognizable. The people will have aged. However, the past did much to define the people we are today, both good and bad. It is when we let the past continue to define us that we run into problems. Take time today to thank the Lord for where you started and pray that He will provide you all necessary to have a bright future in Him.