November 5, 2015

Read Psalm 46:10

Why is it so hard to remember that it's not about me? Or him? Or her? Last night the Lord reminded me that my unceasing prayers are actually pretty selfish. The reminder was gentle, and so quiet I might have missed it. But, I recognized the Voice.

Selfish. Praying for salvation.  How can it be selfish to abhor the idea of a "good" man spending eternity in hell? How can it be selfish to pray that she will make wise choices that will not lead to painful consequences, not only for her, but for so many innocent ones who had no choice in the matter? Both examples are about what I want, what will make me happy. They are noble requests that still treat God like a genie loosed from the lamp.

Salvation is a demonstration of the value of Jesus’ priceless sacrifice. It means there will be one more kneeling before the throne crying, “Worthy is the Lamb!” I’m retraining to pray for salvation for the sake of His great name, that He will be honored and glorified before men and angels.

Her choices reflect who she really is. Long ago she surrendered her life to Him. If her surrender was genuine, her current choices are giving the enemy cause to blaspheme the name of our Lord. He will not allow His children to continue in sin. The consequences can be very costly. Now I’m praying that she will make choices that reflect her position as child of the King, choices that will honor Him.

Do your prayers need a realignment?