November 4, 2015

Read Matthew 25:10
As the holiday season approaches, I find myself at a crossroads:  1) Do I "make my list and check it twice" now, so that I'm prepared for the family coming to visit at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas, or 2) Do I acknowledge that hectic days are right around the corner, and simply wait for family to arrive and hope they feel welcome in my home? 
Vast difference, right? Too often I have made a mental list of what I'd like the holidays to be like, but my actions fall FAR short of my good intentions. I knew my family would arrive, but was I expecting them? Did I envision their arrival?  Did I check the pantry for their favorite treats and change the sheets before they arrived? Was I really expecting my family to arrive? 
I'm afraid this speaks to my expectancy for God's move in my life. If I'm not spending time seeking out His favorite things - love, joy, peace, patience - and preparing my heart for His fresh Word and new mercies each morning, then do I really expect Him to arrive, to move, to be real in my life? Let's not be caught in the dark, unprepared for His move. Let's do what it takes to expect Him to arrive.