November 27, 2015

Read Proverbs 22:6
When my daughter was old enough to sit still for a few minutes and knew how to whisper, I began taking her into the evening worship service. We would sit on the second row, so she could see what was going on, and so she could feel that she was really a part of it all. During the offertory prayer, we would slip out to the nursery. She got to see baptisms and sing with the body of Christ. This wasn’t always easy, especially for me! It’s hard to worship and corral a little one at the same time. It was worth the effort to hear her “singing” her praises all week (fortunately, she could carry a tune, because I didn’t always recognize the words).
This fall our children have been learning new songs of praise. The culmination of all those extra rehearsals (hard on a parent) came on Sunday evening, as they presented their musical to the King of Kings. I know He was blessed by their worship and their pure, sweet voices. These are times they will remember far into the future. 
Training up a child isn’t easy, but it is worth every minute.